MCPS Rate Card

Using our production music in film, tv, radio or non broadcast requires an MCPS license. Applying for a license is quick and easy online at MCPS or by using an Application for Music License form (AFML) (Download here).

There is an MCPS rate card which is updated every year and details the rates (in 30 second units) for all types of productions and territories worldwide.

The license for a production is generally valid for an unlimited period but a new one will be required should the production be altered or if its use or territory is extended.

You must apply for a license before any exploitation of the production

You must include all track details (title, composer and publisher) as well as track duration. This will ensure each composer receives their correct royalty.

The MCPS website has answers to any questions you may have regarding licensing of production music.

The performing rights in Anger Music Library tracks is licensed by the PRS. These licenses are normally the responsibility of the broadcaster. The producer should be able to provide track details so that correct PRS royalties are paid.

Any non sync queries eg ringtones, sampling, commercial releases should be directed to Anger Music at